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Winter Accommodation in Armidale – Perspective of a Swede

Winter Accommodation in Armidale – perspective of a Swede!

Winter has finally arrived, and what better place to be to experience the cold than Armidale?

Being a swede down under definitely has its perks, but 35 degrees all year around unfortunately is not one of them, and that is one of the reasons I choose to live in Armidale.  Because here, you can actually experience the seasons.  My absolute favourite has to be autumn in Armidale and the rest of the New England region, but close second is winter.  The time of the year when you get to wake up to beautiful frosty mornings, clear skies and crisp high air.

Armidale was made for winter, with several pubs and restaurants offering a cosy atmosphere with fire places and winter warmer menus. Most Armidale accommodation, like Armidale Tourist Park, has perfectly designed “winter accommodation” and will make sure visitors will arrive to warm and welcoming room or cabin after a long day of travelling.  My idea of the perfect winter’s day would be to head out to our stunning gorges and national parks for a bush walk in the early morning, before coming back to town for a long brunch at one of the many lovely cafes we have here.  To later rug up inside a cabin at Armidale Tourist Park under a blanket on the couch, reading a book would be the perfect end to the day.

As a swede, I am used to long and cold winters with heaps of snow. And I love it! Armidale can obviously not compare itself to say Sweden or Canada in terms of snow, but we are lucky enough to get the occasional snowfall here too! Make sure to keep an eye on the weather report before heading to Armidale for a visit, the staff at Armidale Tourist Park will be happy to guide you and your family in the right direction to hopefully see some snow.

I do not know how many swedes we have in Armidale, but I can guarantee I am the happiest swede in town as soon as winter comes around.

Hope to see you and your family here with us in the park this winter!


Front desk manager


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