Bird watching dangars lagoon

Bird Watching on Dangars Lagoon – Uralla

Bird watching on Dangars Lagoon – Uralla

There are always activities on the Dangars lagoon. The worse the weather is, the better the fun. Today for instance, the darters and Cormorants had already been fishing and were drying out their feathers by the time I had arrived… Or so I thought…

Just as I was passing by, I noticed a big bird flying into the reeds. As it rose, there was definitely something he took out of the water. I pulled on the hand brake and spun the car, did three donuts and an about turn. I followed it to find out where it would unhook or even land to eat its prey.

As I approached I could tell my company wasn’t going to be appreciated. So I waiting patiently with my canon in hand aimed and ready. When it rose with a fish in its claws I managed a quick shot!

What a great catch for a youngish Whistling Kite, and an even better one for me.

Dangars Lagooon is one of my favourite places to enjoy the wading birds of the New England High Country. Located just south of the township of Uralla, Dangars Lagoon is home to many of my favourite birds.

The Grebes, Egrets, Whitefaced Herons, varieties of Cormorants, Stilts, Hobbys, Whistling Kites, Harriers, Plovers, Coots, oooh and Whistling ducks are my favourite! The Blue Billed duck, Musk duck and other varieties of ducks, and the Blackfaced Cuckoo Shrike are all species you will likely see with enough patience.

You may just see me there on one of my bird watching treks to one of my favourite places… I’ll be the lady patiently watching with my camera in hand, or the mad driver with her eyes to the sky and her hand on the brake.

Your resident twitcher,