waterfall hunting in the new england high country

Waterfall hunting in the New England High Country

Waterfall hunting in the New England High Country

Armidale & the New England High Country are surrounded by National Parks, the New England National Park, Wild Oxley Rivers, Cathedral Rock National Park & Guy Fawkes Rivers & Chaelundi are the most well-known.

Being home to many impressive waterfalls and even Australia’s second tallest, Wollomombi, it’s understandable that many people travel to the area just to go waterfall hunting in the New England High Country.

It’s important to remember, however, the many of the waterfalls in the area are seasonal. What that means it, when it rains, the rivers flood and the waterfalls are magnificent and high flowing. When there has been no rain the rivers are at a lower level and the waterfalls don’t run.

Check out our page below which includes daily updates of river levels in the region https://www.armidaletouristpark.com.au/about-us/see-do/gorges-and-waterfalls/.

If you’ve planned a trip to the New England High Country in a dry time, don’t be disappointed, there’s still plenty to see. Most of the hikes will take you to spectacular viewing decks (Wollomombi, Dangars Falls), right along the cliff faces for the more adventurous (Wollomombi, Dangars, Gara Gorge), rock hopping adventures (the Blue Hole at Gara Gorge), or a 360 degree view from the top of Cathedral rock at Cathedral Rock National Park.

If you want to see a waterfall no matter what, check out Ebor falls as it’s always running, and has a beautiful deck perfect for a picnic lunch overlooking the falls.

For more information regarding any of the National Parks, check out the links below.

We have water level information for the following falls in the local area:

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