Armidale Nightlife

Armidale Nightlife

If you feel like getting out exploring the nightlife, making sure you check out the Armidale Live Facebook page.

If in doubt, you’ll always find something going on at the The Red Grapevine, with the newly refurbished Downstairs Bar and upstairs lounge, the Grapevine manager’s are always putting on a good night.

The guys down at Welder’s Dog will be more than happy to pour you a craft beer and tell you about their latest whiskey or gin find. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and current kegs on tap.

If you feel like a dance, check out The New England Hotel.

If you want to impress when you’re out for dinner, head to the newly refurbished Whitebull for good vibes, or the Powerhouse’s  very own Tapas Bar & Azka Restaurant for some sophistication and modern culinary delights.

Our favourites: