Motorbike drives New England High Country

Motorbike Drives New England High Country


With roads like Waterfall Way, the Oxley Highway and Thunderbolts way, the New England High Country is the perfect place to take your bike for a spin, and Armidale is the perfect destination after a day’s riding. All year around the region attracts bike riders from different parts of New South Wales, and there have been improvements to how the region welcomes visitors on bikes.

The Oxley highway is said to be one of the best motorbike roads in not only New South Wales, but Australia. With its 165 kilometers starting in Wauchope and ending up on the New England plateau is is an action packed ride to look forward to.

Coming from the coast, the entrance of Waterfall way invites to a fun filled ride with many twists and turns, offering many convenient stops for re fuelling both motorbikes and riders. Make sure you allow enough time to explore this part of the region, it will be a place you will want to return to again. Many riders arriving to Armidale will tell you all about the spectacular scenery they have seen along the way, and they will most likely be able to convince you the best way to experience the nature in New England region is from a motorbike perspective. There are several little detours for those travellers who wish to see something else but the beaten track. One example is Tyringham road from Dorrigo that will take you to Armidale instead of via Waterfall way, a fun little loop way for the adventurous bike rider, known for its many mid speed corners that will add adrenaline to your day.

For those visitors who do not ride themselves but still want to experience New England region from a motorbike, there are still ways to do so. Riding the Highs Motorcycle rides and tours will give visitors an exclusive experience of the region, and will happily customise every tour for each individual guest. Look them up on Facebook, or ask for more information at Armidale Tourist Park.


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