Spring in the New England High Country

Spring in the New England High Country

Spring is Armidale Tourist Park’s favourite time of the year in the New England High Country. The days start to heat up, the night’s stay cool and the flowers are in full bloom.

ATP’s resident landscapers, Siggy and Anna dedicate their time in the all seasons park to getting the right mix of deciduous and ever green trees, and flowers and edibles that grow and bloom from season to season.

In the Spring and Summer months on the park you should expect a beautiful mix of colourful flowers (and if you see Sig and Anna around, feel free to ask what they all are)!

All year round you will see varying types of edibles in our community garden and throughout the individual cabin gardens. Guests are welcome to pick from our edibles to add some super fresh herbs to their meals.

During Autumn expect the park’s deciduous trees to turn to a mix of orange, red and bright pink before falling off altogether and creating a mysterious gnarly range of bare winter trees.

If you do decide to brave the winter in Armidale, it’s worthwhile experiencing the misty mornings at the National Parks when no one else is around.

Post by Dragonfly.guru